About Us


To Develop The Students’ Potential Based on the National Education Philospohy

To Produce Students’ for Global Challenges

To Strengthen the Status of The School as a High-Quality Learning Institution

To Enchance A World-Class Learning Culture Throught International Networking



All Saints’ School Shines in Glory by 2016

School Motto

“What We Do We Carry Through” (Quod Facimus Id Perficimus)

Mission (New)

1. Produce creative, innovative and academically excellent students.

2. Train students to be good time managers through the use of Information Communication Technology.

3. Inculcate Moral Values in students and enabling them to show respect to their parents, teachers, peers and the community.

4. Nurture and reinforce the sense of unity.

5. Create role models in students by enabling them to explore diversified fields to face the challenges of globalization.

6. Cultivate a sense of excellence in the school community through commitment, dedication and productivity.

7. Provide a conducive learning and teaching environment to instill the sense of Love and Belonging to the school.

8. Enhance the physical development of the school through beautification projects and upgrading facilities.


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